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MSN TV Experience

Welcome to the MSN TV experience. Discover the starting point where fun, entertainment and exciting websites offer a connection and guide you on the internet. MSNTV.com gives you easy access to many different websites. These websites have been extensively inspected and divided into many different categories. From the more well-known worldwide news sites to local news, you will always be kept informed of what is going on globally and locally. This, together with entertainment sites and websites for development for webmasters, for example, makes MSNTV.com very complete as a homepage. That’s why we say: Get in your comfort zone, because MSN TV is your service home page as a starting point for fun, information, and entertainment.

High-tech internet site guide

The MSN TV website was formerly owned by Microsoft. As new operators of this website, we have rebranded the name. We evolve it to a high-tech internet site guide where you can find the best and most interesting, exclusive website links. You will find links from the best internet sites around the globe. We take a special interest in development sites, PC, TV & online streaming. Although, you can also find here the best and finest sites in sports, like soccer and tennis. Like to predict a sports match? With sports betting and the trustworthy websites are shown on MSNTV.com, you always find a bet you will like! So, get in your comfort zone with MSN TV and let’s explore the internet with the most incredible sites.

MSN TV quality test

To ensure that the websites shown on the MSN TV home page are all of the best quality. Each website needs to serve you as a visitor, so we thoroughly inspect each site before it appears on the MSN TV page. We pay attention to various points, which you can see below.

  • The content is preferably English;
  • The website looks neat and clear;
  • The website has clear and user-friendly navigation;
  • The website works in all browsers.
  • The contact details, company details and terms of use are clearly indicated on all websites;
  • Privacy and cookie policy are in accordance with the legislation of the relevant country;
  • No annoying, disturbing and/or misleading parts.

Enjoy music & video your way

Wouldn’t it be great to view Windows Media-compatible video clips from the Internet or listen to music stored on your laptop on your TV? MSN TV service allows you to find all the music and videos you need. Videos, movie trailers, news clips and music can be streamed by the websites to your computer, where you can enjoy this content in an optimal environment. And when you have a broadband home network, which most internet users do, you can play music and video files from your PC on your TV screen by HDMI or Wi-Fi internet connection.

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